The Walk of all beach walks

A 7 Day invitation only walking expedition along the remote unexplored beaches of Tanzania's northern coast
February 26th 2002

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Although this is a non profit expedition we will have to supply most of our own requirements.
We will need to allow for food and provisions, and accommodation before and after the walk. I anticipate the cost will be approx. US$500 for the entire week. This would include accommodation at the Tides Lodge for days 1,6 and 7, transport, all food and porterage.
We will take everything we need with us from Kenya. There will be no backup vehicles.We will however be taking VHF radios for any serious emercency we may encounter, hopefully a doctor and of course a comprehensive medical kit.

The original idea is to take one porter per walker. Each walker should allow at least 3 litres of water per day. Although we will possibly be able to get water on route it cannot be relied on. This will mean each porter will have to carry his and our water supply for 4 days. ie 12 litres per person for the four days walk. It is possible we may even employ the services of a mule and a handler for this purpose.

Further....Please call me to add other ideas 0733 663366

Personal General
Sun cream
After sun
Lip balm

Alcoholic beverages
Mosquito net
Hammock or tent
Water bottle

Another Captain Africa adventure. 2001