Detailed Pangani / Sadani Msa/Dar

The walk day by day

Day 2
Mkwaga village  /  Scage Island

This is the first real walking day.
Due to the tides we should leave The Tides Lodge at 0600 hrs and arrive at Mkwaga village by 0800 hrs. The walk from the village to Scage island is approx.9.8k and should take 3 hours.
Set up camp on beach

Day 3

Scage Island explore Bogi Hills.
Looking at the old charts there are 2 rather high hills behind Scage island.500 feet and 250 feet. By the looks of it the 500 foot one is around 10 k inland. I want to climb the smaller of them which is 4k inland and look for the south bound road. Should manage in one day. Judging by the  topography I also think caves will be found here. Could be magnificent views from the top. We should also find many rock oysters and abundant seafood on the island itself.
Same beach camp.

Day 4
Scage Island / Kipumbwe creek.
The walk from Scage tp Kipumbwe is around 9 k. I expect to find no cliffs. Only flat beach. The creek at Kipumbwe looks promising as a future anchorage. The mouth of the creek looks to ba around 1 k across.If the sand is firm it will be an easy crossing. If not it could be a long way around. Either way looks like an intereseting place. The old charts I have seen indicate a small village on the north bank of the creek
We will make camp on the south side of the creek to avoid the village.
Day 5
Kipumbwe creek / The tides Lodge.
This is the longest section of the walk at 16.2 k If we walk with the tide out the beach is flat and hard. I have actually done this section a few months back on a bike. Beautiful beach.
Overnight The Tides lodge.