The Walk of all beach walks

A 7 Day invitation only walking expedition along the remote unexplored beaches of Tanzania's northern coast
February 26th 2002

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Name Nat. Position
a.k.a. Captain Africa
AUS Expedition leader
Professional explorer
John Buckle GB Navigation and communications
Retired computer operator
Paul Harwood GB Procurement
Ex white hunter
Professional beach walker
George Barbour KE Medical research
Retired coffee smuggler
Briony KE Entertainment
George Barbour's best friend
Sabine Funk DE Physiotherapy
Aussiemike's Gurman sunbird
Johno Beakbane GB Photography
Ex director Unilever
Dr. Stam NL Medical matters
Deborah GB Scribe
Margit Ambros


Foot masseuse

Another Captain Africa adventure. 2001